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Crown Of Thorns: Life size for Passion Plays (11-12" in diameter)
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This authentic Crown Of Thorns is used for Passion Plays or as a centerpiece for your Church, or your Home during lent. The crown of thorns is a symbolic reminder of the suffering Jesus endured to redeem his people. A constant reminder of the promises Christ made to Christians around the world. This authentic replica of the crown of thorns has been known to the region of many years. Its scientific name is Euphorbia Milli. This thick steamed plant grows admits the desert of Jericho and by the Dead Sea, 30 Miles from Jerusalem. This Beautiful ornamental plant which have densely thorns is said to have been used by Roman Legionaries to mock Christ at his Crucifixion. This item comes in a craft box with a certificate of origin. Crown dimensions approximately 11-12 inches diameters in diameters (real life size).

  Dimensions: 11-12 inches in diameter

Our Price: 49.95
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